Have you just sold your house? Or just bought a place but it is a few weeks before you can move in?

Here are a few tips that can save you time and money:

  • Off course renting a place in the interim is always an option, but it could be costly and tie you down in a lease for longer than you wish.
  • If the time between your old and new home is not too long, you may consider staying with relatives or friends.
  • If these relatives/friends have a large shed where you can store all your household stuff ā€“ excellent! If not, considering self-storage can be a very cost effective and secure option.
  • When the time frame is a bit longer, it may be a very good option to house sit for people who are on holidays. You can offer your house sitting services in a free ad online or find people you know who are taking a trip. You do not need to find someone who is away for a very long holiday – you can spread your waiting time for your new place between more than one house-sitting address. This will be a low cost option and meanwhile you do not overstay your welcome with friends or relatives.
  • You may also consider self-storage if this is the option you go for.
  • Having a self-storage unit with 24/7 access gives you the freedom of not having to take too many of your belongings with you, whether you house-sit or stay with relatives/friends.
  • Most good storage facilities will offer you a courtesy trailer for your move in and this will save you $$$ on moving costs.
  • Another benefit is that you have more time to move into your new place gradually once it is available ā€“ you do not have to do it all in one go!

You will also be able to find all the boxes and packing material you need from your storage facility.