When you decide to make use a self-storage facility, you will have the option to choose between a standard agreement and a managed agreement. A standard agreement is the most common and is for “traditional” storers. These storers lock their unit and keep the key. The storage facility staff has no access to the unit.

However, you may be far away from the storage facility, or are a business storer who wants the storage facility to accept deliveries on your behalf, or whatever your reasons may be for giving the facility staff a key and therefore access to your unit. For any reason, if the facility has a key (even a spare key) and access to your unit, you need to enter into a managed agreement.

This agreement makes it easy for business owners who cannot (or do not want to be) onsite at the time deliveries are made which should be stored in their unit. Also, the business owner can request the storage facility to collect items from their unit and dispatch it to them.

Your storage facility will happily explain it all to you.