You are running your business successfully, but ideally would love more space for all your stock & deliveries. But business rent is already a huge overhead and you would rather be paying LESS, not more. We have the solution for you!!

Renting a self-storage unit to use for your business will benefit you in more ways than you think:

  • 24/7 access will enable you to get stock to or from your business premises any time convenient to you.
  • You can reduce your current floor space and store all your extra stock in your storage unit at a fraction of the price you are paying in rent
  • Additional space will give you the freedom to buy stock when the prices are low, or bulk buy and save $$$$
  • You can stock more samples of your stock this way too
  • Goods can be received on your behalf & signed for at the storage facility – you do not even have to be there.
  • A delivery service to and from your business premises can also be discussed.
  • Units are available short or long term in as many sizes as you can imagine.
  • Why wait? Talk to our friendly staff today!!