So you decided you need storage space and you think all storage facilities are the same?


The following tips will make you realise that one storage facility can be a far greater investment in the safety of your valuables, than the one just down the road from it!

  • Security – a great facility will have state of the art security to protect your valuables. The storage fees may be slightly higher, but they have to invest in the latest security cameras and response measures to ensure your valuables are kept as safe as possible. A great facility will also have individually alarmed units to ensure your unit stays alarmed even when another one is accessed by its owner.
  • Access – Most storage facilities will have access hours in accordance with their security system and opening hours. Great storage facilities will provide you with a pin code which gives you 24/7 access which is all about your convenience.
  • Good/Better/Best options – Most storage facilities will have different size units available. A great facility however, will have different price options available for the same size units. This will offer you more choice depending on accessibility, location, insulation, etc.
  • Upgrade/Downgrade options – Great facilities will give you the option to upgrade or downgrade your unit as your needs change. You may need to store more stuff (or less) down the track or decide the location of the unit doesn’t best suit your needs.
  • Customer Service – A great facility will have great service. This means you can trust staff members to look after your unit and take deliveries in your absence, arrange access for someone other than yourself if you authorise it, manage any issues, etc.
  • Availability of trailers & forklift – a great facility will have trailers available to help you move your stuff in or out and a forklift onsite for heavy items or pallets to avoid heavy manual lifting.
  • Box Shop – A great facility will have a box shop with a wide range of boxes, tape, furniture covers, packing paper and all other packing and storage material you may need.
  • Reputation – A great storage facility will have a great reputation which can be proven by talking to previous/current customers, found from testimonials on their website and based on awards they have won.

Now that you realise there is more to a storage facility than originally meets the eye, it will make it easier for you to choose the great one over the ordinary!