Storing some of your household items in your home or in a unit can greatly reduce clutter and stress. We do recommend you store things correctly to ensure your items remain safe and damage-free, ready to use when you need them again. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the most of your storage experience:

  • Choose a safe storage space in your home where you can stack boxes, furniture, etc. out of the way.
  • Alternatively, rent a unit with 24 hours access in a secure facility – they should have different sizes and options available to choose from.
  • Create a labelling system – do not fool yourself into believing that you’ll remember each box’s contents! Choose a system that works best for YOU – colour coding can make it easier too.
  • Consider the temperature differences from season to season, depending the storage period you anticipate. Some delicate items like fabric, waxes, books and art may need additional protection against temperature or humidity changes.
  • Utilise items you wish to store, to help protect items you are storing, e.g. protect knives by packing them inside over mitts, or wrap fragile items in linen or towels.
  • Ensure everything is completely DRY before you pack, to avoid any growth of mould and mildew.
  • Wrap everything you possibly can – industrial plastic wrap can protect items from dust, pests and moisture.
  • Tape all screws and small parts to items – this makes it much easier when you unpack later.
  • Take pictures of items before you take them apart. Store it with the item to simplify putting it together again later
  • Avoid using newspaper to pack your items, especially if you plan to store them for a longer period. Newspaper ink rubs off over time and can get messy. Use butchers paper of bubble wrap instead.
  • Plan which items you will most likely need next and pack these in a separate box, close for easy access.
  • Utilise all available space in your boxes, inside your washing machine and drawers of cabinets – you get the idea. Using similar size boxes will make stacking easy.
  • Do not pack too heavy – you do not want to carry too much weight or have any boxes tear and damage their contents.
  • Stack items and ensure you utilise vertical space – take care to stack heavier items below and lighter, more fragile items on top.
  • Buy a lock for your storage unit and make sure you have insurance on these items.
  • Set a reminder to check on your items regularly for the duration of storage (this is why 24 hour access is extremely convenient when choosing a storage facility!). Ensure the temperature /humidity is favourable, check for holes in the boxes or that nothing has fallen or gotten wet.