Are you considering storing some of your belongings before, during or after a move? Or maybe you need to explore storage options for your business? Professional storage will ensure your household items, caravan, boat or business documents are kept safe in a location which will be very convenient for you to access and retrieve later on.

The Self-Storage Association of Australasia has recently published some helpful pointers to assist in making your decision when choosing a storage facility. Below hints focus on some of their points plus a few we have added:

  • Consider the possible storage facilities carefully, looking for local companies on-line or in person. Many storage facilities’ websites should be easily accessible on your mobile device.
  • Please ensure your chosen storage facility has good, reliable security measures to keep your belongings safe.
  • Consider how often and when you will need to access your possessions – 24 hour access is a great convenience.
  • Storage units need to be of a suitable size, adaptable to suit your needs as you take some items in our out. Most facilities will have a range of different unit sizes for different items.
  • Select a storage facility that will be flexible to meet your storage needs as they change, enabling you to upgrade or downgrade your unit size.
  • Some storage facilities will offer Good/Better/Best options in the same unit size to give you more choice and flexibility.
  • Look for a facility that is well-maintained and clean, as this is a sign the company takes what it does seriously and professionally.
  • Ensure you read and properly understand the self-storage agreement. Your chosen storage facility should have excellent customer service to ensure peace of mind by clearing up any questions you might have.
  • Consider the rough estimate value of the items you plan to store, making it easier to deal with your insurance company. Many storage facilities will be able to include insurance in your agreement if you wish, and even offer the first month’s insurance for free!
  • Use good quality packing materials and boxes to ensure that nothing is damaged. Selecting a storage facility which also provides packing boxes and materials could simplify your move.
  • Fill the boxes you have in a way that they will not collapse when you stack them together. Friendly staff at your chosen storage facility should be able to give you advice on how to pack and which boxes to use for your specific needs.
  • Label all your boxes with their contents so you can find things inside them quickly. Do the labelling on multiple sides so you won’t have to rotate boxes around.
  • Keep an inventory list so you know what you have in storage.