Moving house can certainly be much less stressful if you think and plan a few weeks in advance. Here are a few checks to help you simplify your move:

2 Months before you move:

  • Go through your home and decide what you are planning to keep, sell, give away or trash.
  • Plan what will go where in your new home, this will assist you when packing and labelling the boxes.
  • Investigate companies to help you move, or if this is a DIY move – discuss your moving plans with close friends or relatives who will assist you with your move. This will enable them to plan ahead as well.
  • If your kids are changing schools – organise the transfer of records between the schools.

6 Weeks before:

  • Slow down on grocery shopping and use as many of the perishable products you have (frozen foods, cleaning products, etc.). This will give you less to pack and eliminate worries about food spoiling during the move.
  • Begin gathering boxes and other packing material. Your local box shop will have second hand boxes as well as new packing supplies for your every need.
  • Sell what you can, donate what you cannot and throw out the items you decided to trash.

4 Weeks before:

  • Book your moving company or reserve a moving truck.
  • Confirm your moving plans with whoever is helping you on the day.
  • Start packing – there will be lots you are able to go without for a few weeks that can be packed from now till moving day.
  • Label each box clearly – keeping in mind where it will go in the new house.
  • Change your address.

3 Weeks before:

  • Cancel/transfer utilities (landline, internet, electricity, water, gas, etc.)
  • Schedule time off work if required.
  • Arrange child care for during the move.

1 Week before: