Unfortunately not all apartments/homes/units come with lots of space, so it is good not to fall into the trap of storing your furniture, clothes, etc. incorrectly. See below for the most common mistakes made when facing a small space and easy solutions to overcome these:

  • Thinking horizontally instead of vertically – Choose a vertical wardrobe instead of the typical horizontal dresser for your clothes and take advantage of floating shelves and/or an extra hanging rail below the top one.
  • Folding clothes and hanging only a few things – No! You should be hanging ANYTHING you can! Fit everything in with cascading hangers and hang scarves together instead of folding them. We bet you may even have space for a shoe rod underneath it all.
  • Your furniture are used for one purpose only – Invest in double-duty furniture, like a headboard which doubles as a book shelf, a coffee table with chairs that can be hidden away under it. Or maybe a good, comfortable sofa bed.
  • Your bed is just on the ground – invest in a slightly higher bed with usable drawers underneath. Or try propping your bed on risers to create extra storage space underneath. Another alternative is to invest in in a lofted frame bed (especially if you have high ceilings). You can utilise the space underneath for a desk, wardrobe, etc.
  • Choosing dark colours to paint and decorate – Light creates the illusion of more space, as do mirrors. Use both to make the space you have available appear to be much larger than it is.
  • Trying to stuff everything in one drawer – It is tempting to do, since our expectation is that the more we stuff in, the more will fit. Not true. Using drawer dividers actually “expands” the space you have. Try it – you will be pleasantly surprised.
  • Living with clutter – A cluttered living space always appears smaller and can cause stress for its occupants. Read our blog with helpful tips to de-clutter your home (http://www.easystorage.com.au/blog/10-creative-tips-de-clutter-home/ ) – it is easier than you think!