Does the idea of de-cluttering sound appealing to you, but the actual doing of it seems too overwhelming? These easy tips will show you it can be done, easier than you think!

  • Give yourself 5 full minutes – there are lots of 5 minute tasks which will give a huge boost to your decluttering. Start with re-arranging a bookshelf, or making plans for a bigger de-clutter project. Spending 5 minutes daily for a few consecutive days will amaze you at the progress you make! (For 5 minute tasks, see this website: )
  • Give away one item each day – you can try this for a week and make someone else happy with a gift. Meanwhile you are slowly de-cluttering and getting rid of things you may not really miss or do not even use.
  • Fill one trash bag – One bag is a huge start and will make you feel like you are making progress. Try filling one each week on the day prior to bin day. When you run out of trash to fill a bag, try filling one for goodwill – the de-clutter result is worth it!
  • Try the reverse hanger experiment – Hang your clothes with the hangers in the reverse direction (the hard way to get it off the rail). When you wear something, turn the hanger the right way around (easy way to get off the rail). At the end of a few months, you will discover the items you never wear and can get rid of.
  • Make a list – Choose one room at a time and list what you wish to de-clutter. When you are done with one room – STOP. Try some of our other tips to go through this list before starting to make a new list for the next room. This will make the task a lot less overwhelming.
  • Take the challenge – See if you can find 5 items to donate, 5 items to throw away and 5 items to return to their proper spots. This can be a fun activity to do with the kids in the holidays as well. If your home needs much more de-cluttering, increase the list to be 10 items – which ever number you can fit into your schedule.
  • Change your perspective – Try to see your home in a new light. Ask a friend to help you look at a specific room you wish to de-clutter but are unsure how. And put in some effort to see the potential after de-cluttering, not just the task ahead.
  • Challenge yourself to live with less – give yourself a month to get along with less than you have now, for example try limiting the number of outfits you wear to 7 a week. Or set a number of toys your kids need to play with for a week. If you can stick to this for a month or so, you may not need the additional toys, clothes, or whatever you decided on.
  • Use your imagination – Try to imagine a room without something that is hard for you to get rid of. Ask yourself “If I was just buying this now, how much will I pay?” Creative techniques like this may prove very helpful if you find it hard to get rid of clutter.
  • Try the 4 box method – Set up a box for trash, give away, keep or re-locate. Let the whole family join in to place each item from every room in one of these boxes. No item should be passed over. Some items will take minutes to categorise, others may take days or weeks. But stay at it – it really works!