Books can be quite sensitive items to pack and move without any damage, so it is important to take special care when packing them. If you do not have that many and can easily manage them, excellent! However, many of us have quite extensive personal libraries and will need to be well-organised and cared for to store them successfully. Here are helpful tips to make it easier:

  • Set up a working area like a small desk in the middle of the room
  • Choose stronger boxes which are no bigger than a microwave oven. Your local self-storage facility will have specialised boxes for exactly this purpose.
  • Smaller boxes will make it easier to move – books can be much heavier than you think!
  • Separate hard cover and soft cover books – hard cover books are much heavier and will require the strongest boxes.
  • Try to have all your books close to your work area before you start packing.
  • As much as possible, pack books upright – this will protect their spines the best.
  • Any gaps should be filled with packing paper or bubble wrap (available at your local box shop). This will prevent your books moving around in the box.
  • If you have Silica Gel packages, they will work well to keep your books dry, especially if you plan to put them in storage. (Unused Tea bags are a good substitute too!)
  • Ensure you label all your boxes clearly and keep an inventory list for each box.
  • In your new home: organise your book boxes according to the inventory before you unpack. This will make the unpacking so much easier!
  • Most of these tips can work well for your DVD collection too.