Thinking of using a furniture trailer when you are moving? Not sure how to optimise the space to pack as much as possible and do less trips?

Here are some helpful tips to maximise your use of space and ensure your belongings arrive safely with you at your destination:

Prepare before packing the trailer:

  • Everything that can fit into a box, pack securely into sturdy boxes and tape them closed.
  • Well closed boxes enable you to turn them in any way when loading the trailer, maximising your space available.
  • Reinforce these items as you pack with packing material like butchers paper and bubble wrap; you can use your linen, towels, etc.
  • Mark boxes clearly, so you can pack more fragile items on top of heavier ones.
  • This will avoid crushing fragile belongings (unless you wish to “accidently” get rid of that awful reading lamp/ornament your spouse is so fond of!)
  • Loose items can be a hazard in the trailer and are also at much bigger risk of damage, so keep these limited.
  • Anything you cannot fit into boxes should be considered to be wrapped or covered.
  • You can use special furniture & mattress covers or old blankets, if you have any.

Packing the trailer:

  • Start with the bigger, heavier items first, like furniture, mattresses, fridges, etc.
  • Approach the packing with a clever eye and notice gaps to safely stack & tuck in smaller items, maximising space.
  • Pack boxed items after the furniture, turning boxes to fit snugly. Again, fill up gaps with smaller items.
  • Save fragile boxes to pack as far away from heavy furniture items to increase safety.
  • Tucking softer items in-between furniture will increase safety and decrease risk of damage.
  • Do not overload the trailer – keep to road safety rules.