When you’re looking around your home, do you notice piles of unneeded items laying around? Is it time to sort through those boxes? See below for a list of reasons why you should store!

  1. Your spare room is used for storage

Is your spare bedroom filled with boxes? Clothes in piles? Washing racks, extra storage boxes filled with things you haven’t used in years? Maybe it is time to consider hiring a storage unit. Freeing up that unused space, can make room for a little baby, an office or even a craft room. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Your Garage isn’t used for parking Cars

A garage is built to park your car and protect it from the elements of winter. But are you storing all your clothes, camping gear and excess furniture in there instead? Why not store all your extra gear so you can park your car back in there this summer?

  1. Your Cupboards are Overflowing with Clothes

Are your closets overstuffed with clothes you haven’t worn in a long time? Don’t want to part with those jumpers or dresses that are too small? A suggestion is to go through your wardrobe and determine what you’ve worn in the last six months to year. If you haven’t worn it and won’t wear it soon, put it in a bag to donate to charity, or you can add it to your pile for storage.