When packing your house, you might ask yourself how many boxes you need. By using an online calculator you can measure the square footage of each bedroom, counting how many belongings you have in each room. Depending on how many people you live with, you can estimate a number of boxes by counting all the items in your house. We recommend this online calculator:


Your box and packing material needs all vary depending on how you’re transporting for the move, how far you’re going and how much you’ve accumulated over the years.

Here is a small guideline to help you decide on the amount of boxes you’ll need for your move.

1-2 ROOMS:

  • 7-10 Small Boxes
  • 3-5 Medium Boxes
  • 3-5 Large Boxes
  • 2 Kitchen Boxes
  • 1-2 Wardrobe Boxes

3-4 ROOMS:

  • 15 Small Boxes
  • 8-10 Medium Boxes
  • 6-8 Large Boxes
  • 2-4 Kitchen Boxes
  • 2-4 Wardrobe Boxes

A great way to save money during the move is to buy used boxes. Most storage facilities sell them as well as new industry standard boxes. Used boxes are standard moving boxes that have been used but are still in great condition. You can even sell them back to us again after your move!