Have you moved house recently? Is your garage overflowing with cluttered, unwanted items? Tired of leaving your car out in the rain? Wanting to sell your house but are overwhelmed by all your junk overloading your garage? Declutter today! Follow these easy steps and make your house clean again!

  1. Goodbye Clutter

Go through all the junk in your Garage, and sort through what you need. Decide what needs to be thrown out and taken to the tip and what needs to be stored with a proper organised system in your garage.

  1. Decide what to Keep

Anything that is covered in rust, broken, or chipped, should be thrown away. If you haven’t used something in at least six months; in the bin it goes! If you plan to keep any large items, such as that restoration project or machinery, put it into storage.

  1. Clean, clean and clean!

Grab a broom, and clean out all the dust, dirt and cobwebs. Once it’s all swept, hose it down and use spider spray in corners, and add mouse bait to each end of the garage.

  1. Make the Space Fresh

Once everything is clean, it’s time to give the floor and walls a fresh lick of paint. Fill in holes in the walls, and add shelving to store all your leftover items on. Hang up those tools on nails and brackets.

  1. Make Storage Simple

Store similar items together, labelling containers and shelving with different categories. Put gardening items in a corner, sports gear on shelving or in cupboards and place hooks on walls to hang odd items such as rakes, hoses etc.