When you decide to store your household items, storing your fridge can be one of the biggest concerns. One of the biggest dilemmas when storing your fridge is mould. What to know how to avoid this? We have created 4 easy to follow tips for you to prevent mould in your fridge for storage.

1. Defrost your Refrigerator

Before cleaning your fridge, you should ensure that you have removed all food from it. Defrosting your fridge a week before storing it is definitely recommended, to make sure it can be dried properly.

2. Clean Meticulously

When cleaning your fridge, you should clean thoroughly in all the corners and edges, ensuring that you don’t leave any food behind. Mould can occur even without any food left behind, as moisture in a clean fridge can also cause mould. The smallest amount of food in a storage unit can also attract pests and rodents. They can cause irreparable damage to your fridge’s electrics.

Wash all drawers and glass trays in the fridge with warm soapy water, not with any strong cleaning products as this can discolour your fridge and leave strong odours.

3. Keep It Dry

After the fridge is defrosted and cleaned, you should make sure it is completely dry before you store it. If your fridge isn’t dry when you store it, you will come back to find it ridden with mould and mildew and unable to be used because of the odorous and offensive smell. To prevent this, simply leave the fridge door slightly ajar when leaving your storage unit.

4. Keep It Upright

You should as much as is possible, keep your fridge upright. Moving your fridge and tipping it too often, can damage the compressor. When moving and storing, if you’ve left the fridge on its side, be sure to sit it upright for at least 48 hours before using it again.

Thank you for reading our blog, we hope this helps. Please call Easy Storage for any questions you might have, and keep your fridges fresh!