Whether you’re moving, storing or just wanting more space in your home, decluttering your house is a positive way to feel more comfortable and calm in your environment. Reorganising space and sorting through your belongings can make life a lot easier for you and your family in your house, by creating a clean living environment.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t know how to do it all by yourself? Ask your family or household members to help you out and create a list of what to get done and how to do it. Follow these easy steps for the best possible way to declutter your home. Make life easy with some good storage options.

What you’ll need to buy to get started:

– Boxes

– Large garbage/carry bags

– Permanent markers for labelling those boxes

1. Start small:

If you start with something small i.e. a desk drawer or tallboy drawer, you will have a fast and impressive result; leaving you feeling encouraged and ready for more.

2. Time limit:

Set yourself a time limit. Work on each room of the house for a certain period of time; don’t over exert yourself in one particular room. Set reasonable goals for yourself, you should only empty out what you have time to put back in its place, or else you will create quite a mess.

3. Ask for help:

The task of decluttering will be made a lot easier if you enlist the help of your family and/or household members. Having others help you is a positive way to ensure you’re keeping the items you truly need, and helping you to throw out that item that you’re attached to for no reason.

4. Decide what you need; not want:

Getting rid of these unused, not needed items can at times be difficult, but it needs to be done. Grab a large rubbish bag, and with each room in the house, ask yourself if you truly need this item. If you hesitate, throw it out. Those shoes you haven’t worn in years, old papers and empty shampoo bottles. Throw out used-by items in your fridge and cupboard and medicine cabinet. Declutter!

5. Donate:

You should donate any items that you don’t want but which will still have some value to someone. Clothes that are still in good condition, functioning appliances and any other item around the house that will have some value. Why not donate these items to charity? Or if you have doubles of items, you can host a garage sale and donate anything that isn’t sold. However, this can take time. So if you’re pressured for time and need to move, donate everything you don’t need.

6. Make it a process:

When decluttering each room, make sure you have a system in place. Label boxes ‘throw, keep, store’ and go through your items accordingly. Throw out broken and chipped items, and store those items which have sentimental value.

7. Use the age-old ‘one in; one out’ rule:

If you buy something new, throw out something old.

8. Don’t “re-pack”:

Once you’ve opened a drawer and started to clear out items and declutter a room, don’t repack the items back into another drawer, sort it out and once you’ve decided what to do with it; either throw it out or put it in its place.

How to De-clutter:

Reduce the Clutter, Solve with Storage: When decluttering your house; make sure you have a solution in place for each room of the house. Follow these easy steps for each room:

  • Kitchen

– Throw out broken items (china, plates, cups)

– Throw out missing items (plastic containers with no lids)

– Wash all containers and drawers/cupboards

– Throw out unused items (passed their use-by dates)

  • Bedroom

– Hang seasonal clothes in your closet (Store away your summer clothes for the winter and vice versa)

– Use storage systems if you don’t have enough shelving. (Put your shoes in shoe boxes and label them with a photo so you know what shoes are in there, or use a shoe rack)

– Use a suitcase to store extra-large coats and shoes, and roll it under your bed, creating more space in your cupboard.

From This…



To This….


  • Family/Toy/Lounge Room

– Pack toys, dvds and books away in their place, make boxes for all the toys and organise them in such a way that the children know where each item/toy goes. You can make this solution fun for the kids too; by colour co-ordinating each box and these are available in many hardware shops locally – find inspiration here.

– Throw out old broken toys, toys they don’t play with anymore you can donate or sell.

– Recycle old newspapers and magazines that are just lying around.

  • Bathroom

– Take a rubbish bag, sit down on the bathroom floor, and empty the entire bathroom cupboard. There will undoubtedly be half empty shampoo bottles, cotton buds laying loose and old items you don’t need. Throw it all out and start fresh.

Once this is all done, take a look around at what you’ve accomplished. Creating space and re-organising your house is quite an effort, but with effective and pleasing results. Perhaps now you’re ready for a move, to re-decorate or perhaps to place all those items in storage.

Image Credits: Untidy Wardrobe ShutterStock