Not all packing boxes are created equal in size, so choosing the right box for the job is simple and affordable if you know what you need. This blog will delve deeper into some of the options you have; whether you’re packing up bottles of prized Shiraz or your wedding dress.

Your goods should be packed properly in the appropriate boxes and ready for your move or storage. Check with your storage facility if they have a showroom with boxes available for you to purchase. With this blog, we will help you realise the value of a cardboard box.


When storing boxes, we recommend using the same sizes, which allows you to stack them easily and safely. This makes your storage space more economical and easy to access. These boxes are usually industry standard boxes such as book/wine cartons and Porta-robes.

Books and heavier items should be in smaller boxes such as our Book Box making it easier to pick up and carry. Pack your lighter items such as clothes and toys, in a larger standard box like the Tea Chest.

While packing your boxes, if there is spaces in-between your items, you may want to consider using packing paper and packing pieces to fill in the gaps. When packing box, breakable items such as plates and glassware, bubble wrap is a very cost effective way to be certain your fragile items won’t break. When packing glasses and plates into a book box, they should stay upright to prevent breakage.

Of course there are more options other than just boxes. You may want to cover your mattresses for storing; try one of our specific sized plastic protection covers! For art work and picture frames there is also the picture box or telescopic picture carton to fit larger frames, mirrors or big paintings in.

Porta-robes are very handy for moving as you can hang up your clothes with no fuss and your clothes will come out wrinkle-free at your new house! At the end of the day, buying a packing box or three to guarantee a stress, break and wrinkle-free move, is highly recommended!