Now that you decided to place your valuable belongings into storage, the next decision will have to be if you need insurance.

Yes, in a perfect world, no one will ever need insurance. Realistically, unwanted events do happen every day to everyday people like you and me, and there is always the risk of damage to or loss of our belongings. When taking out insurance on your belongings, ask your insurance company about storage and contents insurance.

When signing up for storage, you are not automatically covered; therefore the staff are required to ask you to sign up for insurance and for a small monthly cost, you will be covered for fire, theft, flood or any damage.

What if I decide to not have Insurance?

In the unlikely event of loss or damage; these are the effects of no insurance:

  • The world as you know it will be instantly turned upside down.

This will enable you to try Yoga positions you never thought possible!


  • Losing certain possessions will give you an opportunity to gain life skills you may never have gained otherwise.


I used to have a nice washing machine…


I used to have a plasma screen TV…


Me too…


If your belongings are worth storing; they’re worth insuring!

What are the benefits of insurance?

There are multiple benefits to having insurance when storing your belongings. See below for many examples.

Insurance is planning ahead – Having it will ensure you are not left out in the cold.

  • Protection against a possible extreme weather events
  • Peace of mind while traveling or working away
  • Compensation for your valuables
  • Is a low cost solution to keeping your valuables protected

At Easy Storage we understand the importance of insurance, this is why we offer the first month insurance free when you book a unit at our facility.


Unfortunately we cannot offer you insurance on your vehicles while they are stored with us. If you are enquiring about cover for your vehicle, you clearly know how important Insurance is. Therefore we trust you already have comprehensive vehicle insurance, which will cover you while your vehicle is stored with us.

Just remember to update your storage address with your insurer.