• Approximately 65,000 FIFO workers reside in WA, which is more than the Australian Military. 75% of these are males.
  • Easy Storage has close to 100 FIFO Stores



  • Be Organised
  • Have someone as a representative; you may not always be contactable while offshore, so have someone you can trust that can handle issues on your behalf.
  • Keep Inventory of your belongings to know the exact contents of your storage unit.
  • Ensure your storage boxes are strong and sturdy and purchased from a storage facility.


FIFO (Fly in Fly out) work isn’t for everyone. It is hard work and you must be willing to make sacrifices in your life. Yes, you will be earning a good salary, but you will also miss out on time with your family and friends, milestones and special occasions; it is a substantial adjustment.


Mining companies have invested an enormous amount of money and time in making sure that staff are comfortable and well compensated in their surroundings. Your meals are cooked for you, your room is cleaned and your ‘donga’ is almost like living at home! As humble as it might be, it is your home away from home, so make it as comfortable as you can.


Usually camps are on remote sites, as your food and accommodation is already taken care of. Your living expenses are low, as there is no place to spend money, therefore; this creates forced savings, allowing you many more opportunities in life.


Having a happy home will make you more productive at work, don’t leave without making sure your partner or family has support. Let them know that you appreciate all that they do when you’re not there.


With you’re away, your family will adapt to their own routine. Let your partner know that when you’re home, spending time with the family is more important. Talk to your fellow FIFO workers on site, build relationships in the workplace and create a network for yourself.


If you don’t have a family waiting for you at home, it is perhaps easier to store your belongings away while you’re up north, offshore or over east. The rate of renting a storage unit is a lot cheaper than renting a house you’re not living in. Storage is a more economical choice if you are away for 3 – 4 weeks at a time and home for one week. Depending on size, one weeks’ rent on a house is equivalent to one month’s rental fees for a storage unit.


FIFO work is a competitive workforce. If you’re not performing, you’re out. Make the most out of the opportunity that you’ve been given and think about your future. Have goals, and use this time to save. This will set you up for success, so acquire, assess and invest your earnings.


High income can lead to multiple things; including purchase of big items such as v8 cars, motor bikes, boats etc. Storing these while you’re offshore is the best option for you. Know that your prized possessions are safe while you’re at work. A storage facility can guarantee the safety of your vehicle and you will have peace of mind. Your hard earned ‘toys’ are safe and secure and accessible to you at any time when you are back home.