Why not store that special vehicle away this season? Take care in choosing your storage facility and don’t just park it anywhere.

Consider these three tips to get the most out of your storage options:

1. Type of Storage

Vehicle parking bays are usually uncovered areas with spaces ranging up to 8 metres in length. Easy access is available with our facility 24/7. There are various ways to store your vehicle. We have a range of storage units available to store your vehicle, as well as outside spaces for larger vehicles such as large boats and caravans.

Do you have a special restoration project or vehicle to store? We have three different sized units to suit requirements for vehicle storage. You can store your vehicle short term or long term. When storing your vehicle, access is important. Wide driveways help to ensure easy access to your parking space. A rear exit is available for the whole facility, as it also helps in reducing the need for reversing.

2. Access

Having access to your vehicle 24/7 is helpful, especially in the warmer months, you can take your boat out on the water, put it back in storage and even wash it on site! Going camping for the weekend? Take your caravan out of storage and put it back in whenever you like.

Want to take that 2am fishing trip? Don’t get locked in at a 9-5 storage facility, consider your options when storing your vehicle and choose a facility that allows 24/7 access.

Storing a wider vehicle or long boat? Wide driveways are a bonus on a site and should be taken into consideration when you store your vehicle at a storage facility. Ask the staff for the optimum space for your vehicles’ size. On our site, we also offer a rear gate for exit so it’s easier for you to leave with a trailer or boat.

3. Security

In-unit parking for vehicles is very affordable to protect a valuable possession. Units are individually alarmed, giving you the added security of storing away your vehicle.

When choosing a storage facility, and considering storing your vehicle in an outside space, keep your eye out for security cameras, the level of foot traffic on site and what other measures of security they have provided. See if your vehicle is placed near a fence, the front gates for added security or whether you’re more suited to an inside space. All vehicles stored are at your own risk, as outside spaces are a little more vulnerable.

Choosing the right space for storing your vehicle is important. Whether you’re storing a Caravan, Boat, Trailer or car and depending on the season, it is important to ensure that the storage facility is offering you everything they can. At Easy Storage, we offer you the best available storage for your vehicle and can guarantee the best possible price and space. It is important to ensure the safety of your vehicle.