Vehicle Storage Checklist

Choosing the right storage space for storing your vehicle is important. Whether you’re storing a caravan, boat, trailer or car and depending on the season, it is important to ensure that the storage facility is offering you everything you need.

Going away overseas? Just back from your big caravan adventure? Need a secure location for your vehicle? Don’t risk the parking fines and insecurities of street parking, we recommend secure parking in a storage facility.

We have prepared this checklist to help you store your vehicle:

1. Remove All valuables from the vehicle

2. Limit the fuel in the tank

3. Switch All vehicle lights off (interior and exterior)

4. Close All windows

5. Pull side mirrors in

6. Storing long term? Disconnect the battery. – Be careful when doing this, as the battery is full of corrosive acid.

7. Release the parking brake. – If your vehicle has manual transmission, put it in neutral gear.

8. Lock the vehicle securely. – This is especially important if leaving your vehicle in an outside space

9. Ensure your tyres are pressurised correctly

10. Come in regularly and check on your vehicle. – When possible, take your vehicle out for a drive to keep it in driveable condition.

11. Check your registration, insurance and road-worthiness.

12. Protect your car against wildlife and rodents. – Seal your exhaust pipe and any other open spaces

13. When you’ve done all this, leave yourself a little reminder note on the dashboard, as a safety precaution for when you remove your car from storage.


These tips will help you to successfully store your vehicle.


When storing a vehicle, ask yourself this: would I rather have it undercover? Many storage facilities also offer undercover parking or storage units big enough for you to store your vehicle. I recommend asking your storage facility any questions you may have and ensure that you are getting the best possible service.