Tax time is approaching and for many small businesses this means pouring through endless amounts of paperwork and working out what to keep and what to throw away. We have seen that space is a major issue for so many businesses.

As a response we have put together 5 tips to help small businesses manage their storage issues.

1. What to Store

We hear time and time again about how small business offices get swallowed up by paperwork. The first step is to work out what you will need in the coming weeks, everything else should be organised and stored away. When using a storage facility, ensure your boxes are systematically and clearly labelled. A top tip is to pack items you are unlikely to need in the near future at the back with more timely items towards the front.

2. Assess and Identify the Size of Space

After you determine what to store the natural progression is to decide how much storage space you need. It may become difficult to visualise the space you need so the best option is to go to the facility and see it first hand. A further benefit is that experienced staff may be able to identify solutions for you and optimise your space beyond what you had considered.

3. Identify the Services You Need

Unfortunately for your back not all storage is light and easy to move. Look out for facilities that offer a wide range of services to help move those bigger items. To help our business customers with moving pallets and those bigger items we have our facility manager and handy man John operating the forklift.

Further features to look out for are covered units and a well-lit site at night. This feature allows our business customers the ability to access their unit at any time and in any weather.

4. Access and Security

Small business owners will know first hand that things do not always go to plan. Having 24/7 access provides the flexibility and peace of mind of knowing that you can access your items at any time.

You should also consider how your unit is secured. Some facilities will keep your unit key to ensure its safety, others like us let you keep the key for total control.

5. Payments and Charges

Keep in mind that a legal storage agreement should suit the type of storage unit you want. Payments are to be made in advance to keep your access to the site current. All rental fees and charges are tax deductible for your business, a big saving for you!