Self storage can be a big decision for many people. Trusting a facility with your belongings is not a decision to act hastily on. It is important to remember that not all facilities are the same.

We suggest considering these 4 key areas:

1 – Storage Size

Don’t get caught out by having more space than you could ever need. A good facility will provide you with a range of sizes and options tailored to your storage requirements.

2 – Storage Security

This should be a no-brainer, however, can often be overlooked. Look out for security cameras and consider how your storage unit will be locked. Also look at who has access to the facility, is there a gate or it is open access?

3 – Lock in contract

Watch out for lock in contracts that may see you paying for storage space beyond your requirements.

4 – Access Times

At the end of the day everything in your storage unit is yours, don’t let someone else decide when you can and cannot access it. You may not think you need 24/7 access, however, it gives you the flexibility and peace of mind to know you can.